NuCalm Reviews – Legit System That Works or Not Worth Money?

Have you ever felt as though your heart is beating faster than ever? Has it become more challenging to gasp for air as time progresses? If so, these are typically signs of anxiousness and stress. When such emotions are felt, the body is forced to release adrenaline and cortisol stress hormones, putting it into a state of emergency. The combined effect of the duo is what leads to heightened blood pressure, shortness of breath, and this urge to reassure oneself that they are truly worthy. Lack of a proper system can only deflate one’s self-esteem and may worsen the symptoms described above.

Those who wonder how impactful meditation can be have been traditionally used and remain a top pick. Unfortunately, the journey is different for all, implying fluctuations in results on an individualistic basis. What if we told you that there is a scientific approach to freeing stress and inviting relaxation? Would you believe it? The purpose of this review is to introduce a system called NuCalm®.

What is NuCalm®?

NuCalm® is advertised as a clinically proven system that has the potential to relax the brain and body within minutes. As per the claims made, individuals are not required to take drugs. Instead, the integrated technology is believed to address the brain circuitry in the limbic system, hypothalamus, and brain stem, all responsible for activating the stress response. Consequently, individuals can anticipate improved sleep, energy, mood, clarity, better control over stress, and boosting recovery.

What astonished our editorial team is how well the public has received NuCalm®. As highlighted by the creators of this system, Solace Lifesciences, NuCalm® is used by the U.S. military and the FBI, 49 professional sports teams, and over one million surgical procedures. Above all, 98% of patients who gave this system a try would allegedly recommend it. All things considered, let’s take a closer look at how NuCalm® can be implemented.

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How does NuCalm® work?

NuCalm® can be administered in a matter of seconds, and its effects are believed to unveil themselves within minutes. What’s more beneficial is that the results can last hours on end. As for its uses, individuals are asked to apply the NuCalm® Biosignal Processing Disc onto their left wrist. Then, a journey can be chosen on the NuCalm® mobile app. Finally, individuals should sit back, cover their eyes, and enjoy the effects that stem from its ability to work with the body’s inhibitory system, i.e., the GABAergic system.

The reason why NuCalm® is believed to do wonders is because of its three discrete steps, which work together to slow brain waves to the frequency of the first stages of sleep and create parasympathetic nervous system dominance. Initially, individuals will feel relief from their stress response, thanks to NuCalm®’s ability to reduce cortisol levels.

What does NuCalm® include?

NuCalm® is a subscription-based system. The evident difference is the number of Biosignal Discs, which are either 10, 20, or 30 per month. The common facets across all three packages are the inclusion of NuCalm Neuroacoustic Software and Premium Eye Mask.

In addition to the aforesaid, individuals can dive into what Solace Lifesciences considers “NuCalm 101,” an accessible guide that embodies the science behind their system. Below is a preview of 10 lessons that individuals should be familiar with before getting started:

Lesson 1: Autonomous Nervous System Balance

The autonomous nervous system (ANS) impacts heart rate, sleep, digestion, mental acuity, and healing, to name a few. Only when the ANS is in balance is when physical and mental stressors can be limited. The reason for this rests in the fact that only one of two branches of the ANS can be activated at a time: the sympathetic (stress-related) or the parasympathetic response (relaxation). Individuals who experience random gushes of stress often face triggered sympathetic responses. With NuCalm®, the parasympathetic response will likely be boosted, allowing one to achieve peace of mind.

Lesson 2: The Evolution of Stress

While different causes for stress have been introduced in recent times, the way we respond to them hasn’t changed. Chronic psychological stress is typically a result of any combination of insomnia, and emotional instability, triggering a flood of adrenaline and cortisol levels. Traditional healing strategies supposedly don’t stand a chance next to NuCalm because the latter has been designed to “interrupt the body’s stress response […], then guides the mind to a state of equanimity.”

Lesson 3: NuCalm Biosignal Processing

The first step to restoration is to signal the body to initiate the relaxation process, and this is what NuCalm® has been designed to do. When placed on the left wrist, the disc becomes activated because of the body’s electromagnetic field and can receive its frequencies. When paired alongside the included neuro acoustic tracks, the disc allegedly acts as a catalyst, allowing the body to transition from a stressed state to a restored one.

Lesson 4: NuCalm Aeroacoustics

The NuCalm® Neuroacoustic Software is capable of training brainwaves to a frequency that promotes deep relaxation and calmness. This is because the software is founded on neurophysiology, biochemistry, and physics. Science aside, NuCalm® may reduce Gamma and Beta brainwaves, both of which reflect restlessness and anxiety while boosting Alpha and Theta ones known to “ready the body for sleep.”

Lesson 5: The Science of Sleep and How it Informs NuCalm Technology

Research has found that NuCalm® can provide the equivalent of two hours of deep sleep. Moreover, it can induce restorative sleep (crucial for muscle memory) in a matter of 20 minutes. Some known results include improved sleep and balanced hormonal levels, ANS, and circadian rhythms.

Lesson 6: Performance and Recovery

NuCalm® is intended to promote mental clarity and neuromuscular release. The main benefit that stems from following this advice is one’s ability to block out distractions. Individuals are recommended to listen to one hour of NuCalm® before a training session, game, race, or major presentations to reap such benefits.

Lesson 7: Cognitive Performance

Elevated cortisol levels are believed to outshine other hormones in the body; if not, they deplete them together. This poses a risk to one’s brain health, mental health, and other organs in the body. Fortunately, NuCalm®’s cognitive approach to healing can potentially slow memory decline while improving other mental health markers.

Lesson 8: The Science of Aging

Aging can have a lasting effect on the mind, especially when visible and physical signs of aging start to make their way to the surface. When proper care is not sought, it can give rise to other age-related diseases, including cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and skeletal muscle atrophy. NuCalm® is reckoned to target two major chronic adversaries of aging: arresting the body’s stress response and controlling inflammatory processes. Bear in mind that NuCalm® by no means will reverse aging; however, it may extend one’s health span.

Lesson 9: Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability “measures the difference in duration between each heartbeat,” and the greater the variation, the healthier one is. Consumers often miss this, and NuCalm® ensures that individuals are aware of the impact HRV can have. Specifically, the relaxing nature of this system will slow the heart, giving rise to raised variability. From there, the parasympathetic response is likely to be activated in the ANS.

Lesson 10: Meditation vs. NuCalm

NuCalm® is deemed superior to meditation because individuals must not find a quiet space to transcend their safe space. These are easily overcome thanks to its “quick-acting, high-tech stress relief ideally suited to fast-paced, high-tech age.” In other words, individuals can think of NuCalm® as an upgrade to meditation.

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How much does NuCalm® cost?

Earlier, we mentioned that NuCalm® is a subscription-based system. This means that the prices will vary depending on the package selected. From what our editorial team gathered; the price differences are as follows:

  • Feel Better with NuCalm 10: $19.99 first month, $39.99 after that (annual: $399.90)
  • Perform Better with NuCalm 20: $29.99 first month, $59.99 after that (annual: $599.90)
  • Live Better with NuCalm 30: $34.99 first month, $69.99 thereafter (annual: $699.90)

It is also important to note that a 30-day money-back guarantee has protected NuCalm®. All purchases need to be returned in their original packaging. But before making a return, customer service needs to be contacted to confirm the return. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Email: support@nucalm.com
  • Toll-free number: +1 (800) 810 1701
  • Fax number: +1 (302) 449 6477

Meet Solace Lifesciences

Solace Lifesciences is a neuroscience company devoted to developing comprehensive, all-natural, and easy-to-use technologies to resolve stress effectively. Initially developed by a neuroscientist who wanted to treat patients suffering from traumatic stress disorder, NuCalm® has been tested, researched, and altered over the course of 19 years for desirable results. The last four years have been the most important ones because of the positive changes made to NuCalm®’s delivery system. Here are a couple of words from the team:

“While NuCalm® is born from neuroscience, physics, and biochemistry, it’s a delightful and deeply restorative and repairing reprieve from everyday stressors and worries. NuCalm® is just the beginning of the innovative and revolutionary neuroscience technology that Solace Lifesciences are developing.”

Final Verdict

Stress can give rise to series of health implications, ultimately deteriorating one’s quality of life. With NuCalm®, individuals will learn how to control such feelings by retorting to positive solutions. A facet unique to NuCalm® is its ability to address the brain circuitry in the limbic system, hypothalamus, and brain stem. The latter cannot be stressed enough, as the lack of synergy between the three methods will prevent one from achieving peace of mind. To add to the latter, this system has been around for over a decade and reflects Solace Lifesciences’ continuous efforts towards establishing an appropriate yet helpful system. Who can forget NuCalm®’s primary mission of promoting healing from within?

The final touch to this system is knowing that traditional healing aspects have been combined with the scientific approach, which gives NuCalm® that much more credibility. The benefits package has a higher number of discs in terms of prices, but for people who aren’t entirely convinced, the 10-disc package can be initially purchased and swapped out later. Seeing the extent to which stress can be damaging, including NuCalm® into one’s day-to-day life can be transformational. To learn more about NuCalm® and how Solace Lifesciences is revolutionizing meditation over medication, click here>>>.

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